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building in your arteries. ask your doctor if crestor can help and go to to get a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> glenn: hello, america. tonight.are here we have -- i think this is going to be an interesting show. tonight, we have been doing our founding fathers fridays or i don't even know what we call them anymore. we have been doing those, i want to do sag little different tonight. i want to build off of what we started to build at the very beginning of this summer, on the faith of our founding fathers and what changed it. how did that happen. we told youit the story of geore
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whitfield. george whitfield is a guy from england who just -- he was of all the churches because they were like wait a minute, no, no, no. power goes to us. he was saying to the people, no, power comes from god you don't really need anybody in between you and god. listen to god. god will tell you what to do. have a personal relationship with god. that changed things here in america. he came over on the boat. america is going into spiritual darkness. what's called the first great awakening. it spread to all of the preachers. those preachers preached that from 1740 until 1780, and that period inspired our founders. a lot of the words that came right directly from the pulpit are in our founding documents. we talked a little bit about this on this program and then last friday, 8/27, the night before, my wife and i rented the
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kennedy center and we invited a few people to speak along with david barten and i. then we filled the kennedy center with preachers, pastors, and rabbis. i think we had about 2,000 of them, or something like that. then we filled the rest of the kennedy center with just people, normal people. in fact, was anybody in that audience? you two were in that audience? tickets were really hard to come by. and we have been playing it now on insider extreme at glenn but this is -- people said that attended this was better than the 8/28 event because it really was the nuts and bolts of spirituality and what weee needo do. whenke alveda king walked in. she looked pretty beat up that night. she was under threat and everything else for standing on stage with me the next day. she walked into the kennedy
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center. she looked so tired and i said alveda, get ready because you are going to feel it here. there for just a few minutes and we talked. and she walked back stage and she said would've, i do feel something happening. she told me the s next day as se was getting red to walk on stage. she said glenn beck, the next time you tell me to expect miracles, and have something big happen, i'm going to believe you. something huge is happening in america. i believe it is the third great awakening. george whitfield the first one led to the american revelation. the second one started with the churches and led to the freeing of slaves with abraham lincoln. this one i think is going to change just as much. it is an awakening happens when they realize the stuff that they built their life on is meaningless. and there is corruption and everything else. and it's nothing political. it's spiritual in nature.
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so i'm going to go over the -- well, here, let me take you over here to the chalkboard. i want to show you here. this is what i have been talking about this. i have been talking about this for a year. the media is now calling in week.e of the speech last beck becoming a preacher? no. when did this start? last year, faith, hope, and charity. thanks for watching. faith, hope, and charity. this is the answer. people are going to the election booth, i think, and saying we have got to elect a republican orre democrat. no, no. the answer is faith, hope, and charity. then i gaver a 40-day challenge. this is what i said on the stage last friday. and i beg you to take this because this is the answer. the end of the declaration of the independence, my favorite line is with firm reliance on divine providence. we mutual pledge to each other our lives, fortune and sacred honor. that's the key. jefferson loved codes and
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puzzles. i believe that is a code. that's the way out. what does it mean with firm reliance on divine providence? if you are going to have firm reliance on anything, have you got to know it. you can't rely on something, you are not going to have firm reliance on a ladder if it looks rickety and you have never been on it before. firm reliance means youet trust it. if you only trust it because you know it. and you know it to be true. let me ask you, why are you going to church? why are you going to your synagogue? why are you doing anything, if you are, why? is it because well, you just always have? it's what your family always believed? in times of great strife, that's not going to t cut it. you have to have firm reliance on divine providence. divine providence, by the way, is not manifest destiny. divine sprofnedz you are in the flow and you are try to come a better person. you are in what the founders called the stream of nature's
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god and nature's laws. that's why coincidentally it looks like something provincial is happening. it's because you in the flow. manifest destiny which our country went through and it's a horror show is the perversion of that. that is get out of my way, i'm on a mission from god. there is no humility in that and there is no god in that you have to know who god is and be humble enough to listen to him and get into the flow and depend on him. if you know who god is, you will know who youou are. and you will know that you have a purpose. you're born at this time for a reason. i don't knowor what it is. you are going to have to figure it out. but everybody has a reason to live andu the media will ridice you if they say, i mean, the kellogg -- i don't know, institute or i like to think of the not the business school but the corn flake people. i wish it was the corn flake people i like them better.
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the kellogg institute wanted to do a study on my company because they say all the decisions you make appear to be wrong and yet, they all work out. and i was talking to my business partner. oh, they are going to be so sorely disappointed when they hear the answer because theyo will never believe it the answer is on how we make decisions, we pray on it. then we just do it. it may seem wrong, a lot of times we're like you have got to be kidding me. but that's what happens. now, maybe it's all a coincidence that things work out or maybe there is something to relying on divine providence and knowing that god talks to each one of us. they will make fun of you for saying oh, i'm listening to god. oh, are you? he is listening to voices. oh, no, no, he is just listening to that small still voice inside. with firm reliance on divine province that means you don't get to do all the stuff that you might that you might think want
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him to do. it means that you are going to have to give some stuff up. you're going to have to volunteer. it means you are going to have to -- maybe you can't retire at 65 because you got work to do not dying for what you believe in. it's like george washington when they knocked on his door after he retired and said i'm going to go be a farmer. they knocked on his door because the country was falling apart. and he answered the door and he said have i not done yet enough for my country? no, no. god's never done with you. our lives our fortunes. this means make the hard sacrifices. i have to tell you the hardest to get my arms around was tithing. tithe 10%,as you have got to be kidding me. my agent takes 10%. i give god 10%? what's left for little old me? it was the best decision i ever made. you never felt charitable on tax
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day but you feel charitable every time you turn in 10%. you do. it makes a difference. it makes you feel good. prove me wrong. try it. try it. and the best thing is, now can i call up my agent and i can say, gosh, i'm really clear on what god did for me this week. what have youod done? fortunes and sacred honor. a lot of our founders they lost their lives, they lost their fortunes, but they never lost their sacred honor. that means tell the truth, especially when it hurts you. so, faith, hope, and charity, and the 40 day, 40 night challenge. find these things out. make them true in your own life. that's our topic today. and i have three of my new favorite people. dave reever is here. is he a decorated vietnam
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veteran. is he joining us, believe it or not, from wasilla, alaska from governor palin's home. can we roll the tape of what happened earlier? dave, you had the most high powered, high priced makeup artist ever. >> i did. and as wonderful a person as i have ever known. >> glenn: we were trying to find a studio. you were up in alaska. sarah volunteered hers and then when we said we have a makeup artist come over she said oh, i will do his makeup. then we also have from seattle, rabbi daniel rappen, alliance of jews and christians, he is in seattle, washington. hello, rabbi. how are you? >> hi, glenn, how are you doing? >> i'm doing good. you were quite amazing. all three of you were, you were quite amazing on last friday in the kennedy center. i thank you for being here today. and miles mcphearson, he is the pastor the rock church in san diego. he is the author of a book
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called "do something, make your life count." he isou also former defensive bk for the san diego chargers. miles, how are you? >> how are you doing? >> glenn: let me just start here and you guys just feel free to chime in at any time. there are people now that are starting to print that i'm building some political coalition, blah blah blah, this has nothing to do with politics. but, is there any disagreement here that if we do these things, everything will change? >> well, i can speak myself when you talk about the great awakening, we all have a personal great awakening. i went through a period where i was using cocaine and living wild when i was playing in the nfl. and i was doing all the things the world w says, chase money, women, drugs, happiness, fun, do what you want to do on your terms. and it was killingug me. i found myself in a crack house with a crack pipe 2 feet away in my friend's hand watching my
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life go up in smoke and christ came into high life and said, when i found god, as you talk about, and i found out who he created me too he be, my life changed, i got off cocaine in one day. god is saying i'm going to show you why you have the big mouth you have and you are going to talk about me. i pastored a rock church in san diego. i want to say hello to everybody in san diego. if people find out who their god is, we are made in the image of god. we have got to know whose image we are made in and what that means. then your life will become fulfilled and your purpose very clear. >> glenn: rabbi, you can tell us a little bit about discovering god or the made in the image of god? >> well, yes. very much so. i mean, for me personally, a transformational moment was when i rized after many years of studying the bible, it was my early 20's, already, before one of high revered teachers said to me, look, the bible is not a
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dusty document about detailing legends of long forgotten cultures and people that are no longer on the planet. it is god's comprehensive matrix of all reality. and that is the essence of the ancient jewish wisdom that baracked my own life that as i realized that something even like politics is nothing more than the practical application of our most deeply held values. and so in shaping the culture, and i do believe that the word culture whichly comes from the d word for religion, i mean the word cult, as you think of jim jones and kool-aid. originally in english the word cult was another word for religion. early christianity was rej. culture is the kind of society shaped by its religion. i think one of the greatest coverups of the 20th century has been the extent to which people
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have forgotten and been made to forget the role of religion in sculpting the shape of society. so, having the right fundamental values flows from their directly into the practical application of the area of politics. so, what you are saying on saturday, glenn, was precisely to the point, which is that focus on the things that really count. let's pay attention to our boss, father in heaven. follow the instructions and the practical application what we need to do and the way we need to influence and bring along our friends and neighbors will flow almost automatically from that. >> glenn: dave, the founder of my church said one time teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves. that's the way it should be. i mean, i know there is concern -- i saw it on the papers, glenn beck is talking about a theocracy. no.
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no. i'm a small government guy. teach people correct principles and they will figure it out on theiror own. >> well, there is a school of thought that says if you change the heart of a man, he will change his environment. the other school of thought is, if you change the environment, you will change the heart of man. the bible says the heart of man is deceitfully wicked above all things who can know it. i believe until we change our heart, supreme ruralship, i don't think we can expect anything out of our culture but more corruption. let's pray -- go ahead. >> let me stay with you on that. we live in a culture now that wants everything right now. if we don't get it, well then it's somebody else's fault. dave, i know you have a great sense of humor about yourself and what you went through, but you are a remarkable individual.
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if there is anyone, you had a phosphorus grenade go off as you were in vietnam. that burns half the temperature of the sun. and, you know, you look the way you do. if there is anybody that could cry poor me, it's you. and that really is kind of where our culture is. it's that we cry poor me all the time. what is the secret of -- first, i get let me go here. what the is damage to the soul if you just say poor me and then we will go to what's the secret of getting out? >> well, the first thing the damage to the soul is, you are less than what god created you to be. when that grenade exploded and blew my face off and mutilated my body, i was the same guy that god created me to be. when w teenagers say what what happened to your face. i was burned while bobbing for
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french fries. he said dude, did you get one? these kids are saying hey, he doesn't look the same, but, look at hisie joy? look at the happiness. look at the excitement in his life. and i'm not the best example but i'm the only one i have got to refer back to. that is to say the joy of the lord in my life is not based upon my physical appearance. i see people uglier than me all the time that never were burned. i want to say dude, what happened to your mother? you know you are ugly and you are born and the doctor slaps her. i know that god had a plan for my life that an injury didn't have the right to take away that joy. god established in me his throne and the bible says there is two places for the throne of god. one is in heaven and the other is in the heart of man. he built his throne in my heart. and the damage to my body will not distract from that. and i don't want to talk too long here so i will stop there. but if it comes back to me, i have a thought for you. [ laughter ] >> glenn: hang on, let me go
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back to miles here, because the victim card is played a lot. and i know a ton of parents who will say about their kids, they will be called by the school and say oh, it's not my kid. yes, it is. it is your kid. it's my kid. it's all of ourot kids. but we play the victim card. and we, you know, we play that all the time. how do you get out of that and how did you pull yourself out and say, no, there is a purpose for me? >> you know, faith is a substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. we are created as creatures of faith. every time you inhale you take a step of faith. every time you don't jump off a building you take a step of faith because you trust there is something you can't see that will effect your life. as a matter of fact, the greatest step of faith wef take every day is loving somebody. we take our heart and say i'm trusting you with my heart. that's a step of faith. the problem is faith is based on fact, not feeling. a lot of times we base our faith on what we see others go through
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and what we think not on what is factual. when i was doing my thing we were basing our faith on things that people told us that weren't factual, experiences, feelings, desires, lusts, instead of fact. when you put your faith in fact and you see that the facts always come through, god, as you said in the beginning, when you pray, you it works out, god is always faithful. and so when we find ourself living self-destructive lives it's because we are putting our faith in a lie. when we put our faith in a truth, things work out. that's the difference. >> glenn: rabbi, let me go here on faith because i think this is our biggest problem in our country is we have put our faith in things that are untrue. we have bought the big lie. we can't have it all. character doesn't matter, etal cetera. et cetera. we have to take a break. when we come back, we will start there. why do those things matter? why do those things matter?
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back in a second. [ applause ]
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i know what pain is. i do. i know the wor i know what pain is, i do. it's when a little child walks up and screams and runs away. little ♪. -- little knot. sometimes they don't run, they stand there and pee all over themselves. >> he is great. that's dave reever, he is with us up in alaska. this was actually from an event at the kennedy center last friday. rabbi daniel lappen is in seattle. he was at that event. rabbi, i'm going to start back with you.
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on faith and character. why do these principles matter? >> well, you know, i think that i gained greater insight into that after last friday night and last saturday. and, you know, i had a chance to meet both miles and dave last friday night for the first time ever. and, you know, here are two interesting guys. dave crawls back from the very gates. of hell. miles tells a story of how he dragged himself up from the depths t of deparagraph at this. this is what human beings can do with god. if you back and look at it a year later it's still the same cat, camel and kangaroo. but human beings guided by god can convert themselves and transform themselveses from shattered, relics into
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the great leaders they are today. i think what you revealed was that what is true for people is true for a nation as well. as long as they are going to be guided by god and with the bible as a roadmap. >> glenn: what about people who are atheists? anybody want to take that one? >> if you look at every person, every person was made in the image of god whether they like it or not or whether they know it or not. something used the way it was designed. if you buy a mercedes benz and you pay whatever you pay for it and when you drive off the lot, the guy says only put high, unleaded gas in it. you won't put sand in it. you will believe it's the best for the car. if you put sand in it, it will break. god said i made you in my image, you are a leader, you can love and passion and created like me. that's a fact. when you live according to the way he designed you, you function at the highest
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level. some people got accustomed to living in the dungeon. there are people walking the street in all cities, there was a girl in our community who was kidnapped at 14 years old. she went to a home and that araped her nine times to try to break her image so she could be a prostitute. she escaped. there were four rooms of girls being raped. they took the child of god, made in the image of god, made to be a beautiful creature, dehumanize her to do things below what she was created to do. when we live at the standard for which god created us in his image and reflect his glory, we function and experience the highest level of joy. >> glenn: dave, let me go to you. how do you get somebody at that level who has been broken? how can you get them? i know i found -- i had to find it myself. how do you do it?
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>> i can tell you glenn, something about a broken vessel. confucious said a vessel is not truly empty until it's broken. if you look at christ and the life of jesus, his life was broken. it's out of his suffering he related to people for instance, he didn't go to calgary in a limousine and die by lethal injunction. they crucified him, hands up, palms out, the scars could be seen and he could say to a hurting world i know how you feel. i can go to divorce court and talk until i'm blue in the face i know how you feel. i've never been divorced. i don't want to go through that. i cannot imagine that pain. i can to a burn unit at walter reed and look at them and say i know how you feel. and every one of them says you gave me hope. at brook army medical center 24/7, every hour of every day there is a video playing of yours truly, my story, played every hour of the day at
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brook. you know why they play it? brook being the number one burn center in the nation, the warriors look at it and say he knows how i feel. god in reaching out to mankind had to find a way for us to understand him. it was through suffering. through suffering i reach a broken world. >> miles, you and i had a similar -- i mean i was down at the bottom, too. i think that's why maybe a.a. is important for people, because you can relate. rabbi, we have a minute. maybe you can respond to this. isn't this the secret of knowing that everyone has a purpose? not everybody can deliver the same message and not everybody can relate to each other. not everybody has the same problems but somebody out there you will brush them. >> look, i'm friendly with a number of atheists and some of them are awfully good company. pleasure to sit down and have
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a beer with. i tell them directly i do believe that atheists are parasites in the sense they benefit from everything that religious culture built in america but they do nothing to add energy in the system. i think that the old advertising principle of rolls-royce. they said we don't advertise. we sell cars by allowing everyone to see thepy faces of those two already own them. some of the best corners of america are places where people go to church every single sunday. i think the real answer to atheism and cataclysmic epidemic of disbelief in the country is for people to show the enhancing of life and how quality goes up with faith as a part of life. that's the best advert. >> glenn: when we come back, i want to start there, that there is this epidemic of non-belief, i guess. people are disenfranchised
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with the church. they're spiritual but not religious, what the difference is. and i want to get into charity. we'll do it next. >> lord, we ask you to hear our prayer. ♪ ♪ >> to gor give our sins and lord, to heal our land.
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>> from america's news headquarters hello, everyone, i'm julie banderas. tropical storm earl is pounding atlantic tonight it's bringing heavy rains and power outages to nova scotia with winds 70 miles per hour. once a hurricane brushed past the u.s. coast leaving little in its wake. beach goers back to the shore. rip current kept many vacationers out of the water. craigslist taking down adult services section from the web site. states attorney general said craigslist couldn't block potentially illegal ads promoting prostitution and child trafficking. personal massages to nighttime companionship. the company insisted its ads were tamer than some published by newspapers. i'm julie banderas. now back to glenn beck. rk.
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♪ ♪ >> i was tired until i met the people on stage tonight. > >> ♪ god bless america >> people losing their jobs, losing they retirement. they're killing themselves. >> ♪ land that i love [ applause ] >> glenn: that was from the kennedy center. i didn't know what to think of us, people at the kennedy center were like they're talk about god in there. it was last friday. you can see the whole thing. divine destiny at as part of the insider extreme package. check it out this weekend. watch it. it's really quite amazing. back with three people that were on stage with me. dave roever, found over the
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roever foundation. amazing man. amazing story. amazing faith. rabbi daniel lapin from the founder of american alliance of jews and christians, a guys that seems to distill things, just like nobody else that i have heard. and miles mcpherson, pastor of rock church in san diego. author of "do something: make your life count." rabbi, let me start where we left off. there is a lack of -- people say they're spiritual but they're not religious. they don't belief in churches anymore. they don't believe -- when my wife, i asked her to marry me and she said no. i said but you can have a slice of me anytime you want. when she finished vomiting. [ laughter ] it was tempting. it was tempting. it was. but she said -- it's true.
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>> i'm laughing at the "slice" part. i said why? she said because we don't have faith. we don't have faith in common. we have to be pursuing something. i said organized religion is about power and manipulation. or just about money. and it doesn't work for me. but i really thought she was hot so i did what i had to do. and i actually found that worked for both of us and it changed our lives. and so what is it that is happening to our society, is it the church's fault, the synagogue's fault? what has happened to us? >> first of all, i think there is a massive indoctrination program. by what is effectively become america's official religion, which is secular fundamentalism. it's methodology has been to
9:38 pm
portray religious faith as uncool. now you can't drive out total sensitivity to faith because people are structured with it. we feel it in our soul. so we authorize a vague kind of spirituality. that's cool. organized religion, now that's not cool. somehow as if disorganized praying is somehow for valid than organized people praying i'm not sure i get that at all. but the idea that somehow churches are no good or synagogues are no good, yeah, that's a message that beams in the culture. but look, in brief, god put us in a universe built for bonding, created for connection. atoms bond to molecules. musical notes become music. letters become words and paragraphs and books. human beings need to create and if they need to create, they have to bond. man can't do it by himself
9:39 pm
and a woman can't do it by herself. everything valuable we do, every joyful accomplish in the our lives comes about because of a connection or a bond with another human being. even the creation of wealth is linked to the extent to which we have connections and bonds with other people. one of the great things that belonging to a faith community does is instantly surround you with a large group of people that brings you not only the deep surge of transcendent joy that comes from being connected, but beyond that, even the actual practical benefits. the practical benefits are real. study after study validates this. the net worth of people who belong to strongly connected churches, evangelical churches come to mind as example. l.d.s. church is another where the connections are strong. the average net worth when other things are factored out
9:40 pm
is higher. health is higher. recovery rate from heart disease. much, much higher. so how anybody can resolutely refuse to do the obvious and natural thing, become part of a faith community and thereby help to restore the pain of our great country defies me. it doesn't make sense. >> glenn: when we come back, i want to go to charity. because charity is the key. now look, i am a -- if i were preaching this stuff to you and i wasn't a libertarian, you should be running for the hills. faith as our founders understood it, is the regulation on your life. it has nothing to do with government. if the government comes in and starts to say you need to belong to this and you need to do these things, that's a problem. but the way to a small government is to be self-regulating. if you want to have a small government, that means you have to get rid of all these
9:41 pm
programs. who is going to feed the poor? who is going to reach out in the community? who is going to help the drug addict? who is going to help anybody? it's our faith, charitable organizations. i want to go there next. i'll start with miles because "do something" is the name of his book. that's with a we need to take on next. ♪ ♪ >> stand up. stand up. ♪ ♪ >> i can believe. can you believe?÷ñpp
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challenge you. challenge you. get out of the church. stop playing church and go do something. god bless you. >> glenn: i love that. we're back with dave roever, miles mcpherson and rabbi
9:45 pm
lapin. i say get in church. miles gets up there and says get out of church. i'm like no, miles. he gave a list on stage. it's from "do something" his book. this makes such a great point. listen to this list that he has. >> within ten miles of our church, this is true of every church all around the world. you can do this on google maps simply. within ten miles of our church there are 12 abortion clinics, 17 adult bookstores, seven homeless shelters, 12 battered resource center, 25 a.a. meetings 162 bars and 58 escort services within ten miles of the church. i want to connect the dots from the last point made. faith is up in this country and church attendance is down. i'm going to say something that seems backwards an then i'm going to validate some of people not going to church. because a lot of people who go to church are hypocrites. they go to church and play the game and don't do
9:46 pm
anything. they don't live it. people on the outside say why should i go? i agree. churches need to do what jesus did. they need to do what he said. jesus said in john 14:12 if you believe with me the things i do, you can do greater work. last year we went in 2009 and the mayor we want to give you 100,000 hours of volunteer service. he looked at us and said how are you going to give us 100,000 hours? we gave him 166,000 hours and $2.6 million. this book is an outline, blueprint for people who want to do that, whether an individual. we have a six-week campaign, six-week curriculum with the book that churches can take the church through. go to the mayor and the community and say we want to show you, jesus, not only going to talk about it but do it. most of the people i know that are critics of the church, they're not critics of christ. they like christ. they have jesus, their home boy. it's you guys. if you we can live it and stay married, everything will change.
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>> glenn: dave, let me go to you. my church is the one thing i like about my church i found was everybody gets a calling. you got to work. if you want to be a member, you have to work. you're like you got to be kidding me. everything i have to do, i -- excuse me -- i bitch all the way there. when i leave i'm like thank you, jesus. it's such a great thing. dave what you do with your charity it's your recovery if you will. your keeping natural man at bay is in your service, is it not? >> yes, it is. i want to say how much i appreciate miles who is one of the great school speakers of the country, too, and the rabbi, if i can get his accent i could be as brilliant as he is. that is some of the best
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stuff i've heard. but for dave roever i cannot rely on the physical man. can't rely on him. i don't look right or come across right, i'm not television stuff. when i speak in the school as i prepare now to leave for iraq to work with the troops down range and i do this every year or so, the one thing that makes it right, is -- i have never done a drug in my life. i don't snort or sniff anything. i get my high when they are laying there burned and i walk in the ward and spend time and give them hope and give them the charity from the root word agabe from the root word of god. the bible says god is love. that's the word agape and the word charity. i will tell you. you can have all the other
9:49 pm
things that bible says, but without charity, we're sounding brass, and we're nothing without that love of god. it takes him to fulfill the three-part, i call it the three cords twisted together that can't be broken. faith, hope, charity. charity is the greatest and that's what makes me feel good and where i get my high and get the joy of what i do. >> glenn: okay. back in a second. [ applause ] xxúú
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grasp the power of god. but your heart. ♪ ♪
9:53 pm
>> that's what i see. heart. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: that was dave roever, and rabbi lapin and miles mcpherson. let me tell you something. rab rabbi, are we in the beginning of a spiritual awakening? is this the beginning of a spiritual awakening in this country? >> in my mind there is no question that this is the third spiritual awakening in the united states of america. i believed it for the last 12 years already. no doubt. >> glenn: i am going to make a prediction here. i just said this to miles and he was like yeah, right. let me tell you something. there is something with the three of you. i think i know what it is, myself, but you three i believe if we can get you guys together, i think you
9:54 pm
are going to change america. you are, there is something about the three of you that i think america needs to see quite often. >> now i know i need to get a guard dog. [ laughter ] >> glenn: does he like steak? i could throw that -- so, i guess let's just wrap it up here. on faith, hope and charity. each of you real quick, we have about two minutes. where does one start? they're watching now. where does one start? >> greatest is love. love means to give of yourself. we always say it's better to give than receive. it's because when jesus right before he died, the last supper he said do it in remembrance of me. when you think of me, think of my death. that's what the communion was about. my body and my love. when you give yourself, the greatest gift. what we do when we are most like christ, give someone
9:55 pm
ourself. >> glenn: start with charity. dave? >> without charity you can't see god. love is the greatest but it takes all three of those things working together. of course we all agree on that. i believe truly that without faith, we're not going to take that bold step that you are taking, glenn beck. bold step outside the box of what is expected of you, politically or in any other arena that you may be known in. you are taking a bold step of faith. you're stepping out there. as i said the other night, as i was going to say as i said the other night you're a voice crying in the wilderness. thank you for taking the bold step of faith. >> glenn: rabbi, i have to tell you. i think it's hope which i translate to truth, because that's where i start. i needed to know the truth. where do you start in your opinion? >> in my view, the avenue to secure the faith, the avenue to secure the hope and
9:56 pm
inspiration from the charity comes from good book. study the tora, study god's blueprint for reality and god's roadmap for life. just draw from that. out of that, comes the inpoe us the for charity -- impetus for charity. there comes impetus from faith. difficult to achieve cry for help. ultimately, i believe it will all integrate into an optimism and hope that boosts each one of us to brighter and better tomorrow. >> glenn: look at this, gang. the four of us here on screen. it's like some sick twisted god brady bunch. we all have different answer. back in a second.
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
i got an egg a candy necklace an orange a band-aid a stamp helium i got a mustache [pop] lipstick >> glenn: the phrase that changed my life came from thomas jefferson to his nephew where he said religion, fix reason if

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